Money Saving Tips

Money Saving Tips

There are many ways to save money and as you know saving money is a fundamental part of good financial planning. But to do it right you don’t have to go crazy about every little detail within the expenses that you have. You can effectively create a money saving  if you change  your mind-set and start seeing things in a different way, in a way that will help you identify which of you expenses are necessary and which aren’t, and also you have to identify which necessary expenses can be trimmed or cut down.

There are thousands of ways to do this right, but if you stick to some of the basic principles that will be on this article you will do it right.

How to Quickly Save Money:

1. Get Out of Debt : You must be debt free to really start saving money.

2. Make a Budget : You have to make a budget.

3. Cut off Expenses : Don’t overspend.

4. Create an Interest Beared Savings Account.

5. Stop using your credit card to pay for everything.

6. Get Better Deals for your expenses.

This is a simple guide to start saving money, this guide will give your financial plan more power. Saving money is one of the most important aspects of financial planning, basically because it is where a financial plan starts. These are just a few tips to open your mind so that you can easily come up with new plans and ideas of your own to save a bit more.

1. Get Out of Debt

If you really want to start saving money then you have to get rid of your debt. If you don’t you will always have bills to pay and your saving plans can be affected a lot. If you create a plan and set yourself saving goals you can easily get out of debt to start saving for your real plans and your financial future.

If you already have debt and you know that you won’t be able to pay it off by saving some money, then you will probably have to get a debt consolidation loan. Through this type of loan you will only have to pay one bill and the interest rates will be lower, and maybe you will be able to save some money as you get out of debt for good. Debt Consolidation Loans will help you save money through lower interest rates, it will help you save thousands of dollars if you already owe money.

2. Cut off Unnecessary Expenses: Don’t Overspend

Don’t spend more money on things that are not absolutely necessary, sure we all like things and we want to spend money on the things we like but there are many things that are not really important that make us throw our money away, small changes can make a big difference, like changing our transporation method to go to the office, for example if you go to work everyday on a cab switch to a bus (do the math and find out how much you will save every month just by making that little change).

If you go to work in a car figure out a route that will help save more money on gas, if you spend $200 dollars a week eating at restaurants try to spend just $100 or $50 if you can, small changes like this can really add up to your saving campaigns. 

These are just some examples of a few things that can be done, be creative. What you have to do is take a really good look at all of your spending habits, your bills, everything that makes you spend and try to reduce them a little bit.

– You can consolidate your debts to pay less interest on them.

– You can spend less money on gas, or use cheaper ways of transportation.

– You can move from where you live to a cheaper place.

– You can refinance mortgage.

– You can spend less water to lower your bills.

– You can spend less electricity to lower your bills.

– You can spend less money on other activities, like eating on restaurants, night clubs, cigars, etc.

There are thosusands of ways to cutt off expenses on a lot of different things to improve your saving campaign and strengthen your financial plan. As I’ve said before, be creative!

3. Learn How to Make a Budget

If you know how then make a budget, if you don’t then learn, It is very easy everyone knows how to make a budget and everyone has made one before. Making a budget is basically done by writing down how much you earn, how much you spend, how much you save, and making a balance between them to know how much do you need to get by every month or day.

Do this to know exactly what you have to pay for every month so that you don’t exceed your spending capacity in order to reach your saving goals for each month. Make a budget based on what you are spending right now and then figure out a way to trim it down to 50%.

4. Create an Interest Bearing Savings Account or An Online  Interest Bearing Savings Account

Create an Interest Bearing Savings Account to place every dollar that you save there! This is a very important step because it will allow you to make money while you save some. Make this a totally separate account from your primary savings/spending account, the money that you place in this account can’t be touched, this way your money will keep growing every month as you keep adding your saved money and interest do their thing.

You can also consider higher interest options like CD’s or Money Market Accounts. A very good option to make this point even more effective is by creating the same type of savings account but through an online bank, the will pay higher interest rates, and that’s always better for the person that’s trying to save money and make money at the same time.

5. Stop Using Your Credit Card to Pay for Everything

If you can pay with cash then do it. People get  relaxed about spending with credit cards, people get tempted a lot and it is very easy to overspend if you have one right next to you. If you can quit your credit card then do it. If you have to have one for certain expenses then leave it at home always and only use it for the expenses that are required.

Make notes do something that prevents you from falling into temptation of making an unnecessary payment with your credit card. If you restrict the use of your credit card harshly you will save a lot of money.

6. Get Better Deals For Your Spending

Use discount coupons to buy stuff, bargain, buy food in bulk, shop retail and outlets, etc. Once more be creative, saving money is about being creative and frugal.

I didn’t write these tips in order, I just wrote them down as I created this article, with tips 5 and 6 what you have to do is take that saved money and place it in the secondary account that I talked about to make your money grow.  These steps can be applied in any order, just make sure that you use them.

Now you know how to make your financial plan a little bit better by saving a lot of money if you just make small changes that will over time make a big difference in your life.

As always, please take up-to-date qualified professional advice.